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to mike's forecast before she comes into work she must call him or something. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. you should dress appropriately for the hot weather. >> absolutely you want to be careful heading back to work especially if you work outside, a scar. er in many areas. -- a scorcher in many areas, no clouds, no rain, no drizzle, no mist. what we have is the potential for poor air quality especially in the east bay valleys and also the east bay hills in the santa clara valley a spare the air today many coast warm, low 70s to low 80s under total sunshine, hot around the bay, sunny, 84 to 91 extreme heat will start to develop inland 92 to possibly 103. that's your heatwave for now. >>> 5:0 starting today in san francisco, take your own shopping bag to the store or be prepared to pay more. new law in effect forcing retailers to charge shoppers who need a store bag. sue thompson is live at the safeway to explain. >> reporter: good morning. today saturday if you shop in san francisco do not bring your own bag, you will have to pay more. a new ordinance go
the oakland police help they will be getting from the chp. it's 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> sue hall following friday morning commute. live look from macarthur maze into the bay bridge is looking good. tell you about overnight road work in just a minute. >> good morning. i'm mike nicco. check out live doppler 7 hd. a sight for sore eyes, no weather to worry about and fog is minimal. talk about temperatures. low to mid 60s around the coast. upper 60s around the bay and warmer inland. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. a body of a girl who washed ashore at a san mateo beach has been identified. terry mcsweeney is live at albany high school with the story. >> terry: here at a albany high school is where kathy chu went to school. he was an honor student. her body washed ashore at the state beach in san mateo county. take a look at the picture of the girl. exact cause of death is yet to be determined. she has been id'd through dental records. she was listed as a brun run way on september 27th. abc spoke to a student last night about how students are trying to come to g
, it won't be us we are not eligible. good morning at 5 o'clock between the 49ers game tonight and maybe if you are a meteor showers watcher the weather could not be any more perfect. >> but warmer. >>> no need to take your coat to the game tonight mid 70s by the start mid 60s by the end fun electric night at the stick. right now live doppler no radar returns, still following high fire danger in red higher elevations north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range that area still susceptible to high fire danger tendencies over the next couple of hours. low to mid 70s at the coast, low to mid 80s bay mid 80s to low 90s sunshine everywhere. >> the big boom has everyone talking this morning. meteor shower across the sky over northern california astronomers tell us we may be in for more. we could see more sights like this the next few nights viewers captured these images of last night's meteor shower. you may have heard the big boom or felt it around 7:30. with clear skies and warm temperatures these natural light shows will be morris is ability. meteors are churns of metal and rock that b
yesterday, 60s coast, 70s for rest of us. >>> 5:01. >>> i'm kristen sze thanks for joining us. and you are? >> i'm eric thomas. we were all up late watching this next story developing news for the second time in three years the giants are the world series champs finishing a sweep of the tigers on the road last night. >> fans took to the street tossle great in some places celebrations turned violent. amy hollyfield is live at at&t park. >> reporter: the celebration went into extra innings it lasted late night and there were fans still out partying until 2:00 this morning. here are pictures that we took from sky 7 with a good view of the bonfire that some fans lit and celebrated around this was in the middle of king and third streets outside at&t park. fans said they just wanted a place to be able to celebrate. that also spilled over to market street and out of control fans there set a muni bus on fire. some fans overturned a car that was parked along market street. we saw some people harassing a cab driver. the crowds at times were so big that traffic had trouble getting through. officers d
. >>> did my ride with them in 2005. >>> thanks for joining us. hoping for a cool down. >> mike what do you have? >> just one? >> good morning. lack of clouds this morning, lack of radar returns let's talk about temperatures. this morning 72 antioch, 78 fremont everybody else in the 60s coast and north bay valleys, 55°. temperatures warm through noon at the coast then the sea breeze will slam the door. all warm temperatures during the morning. the sea breeze will leak into the bay late that will keep you mid 70s to mid 80s air mass modifying just enough that will not have the 100s, a lot of 90s inland during the afternoon. >>> with conditions like that, alum rock park in san jose will be closed because of extreme fire danger. the park closed yesterday to reduce potential for fire. alum rock often closes during hot weather spells so dry there the most recent closure in june. >>> berkeley firefighters watching over a fire in morning that destroyed a duplex and forced five out of their homes. the fire erupted after midnight in the rear of this house near ashby avenue. police offic
. it will use heat recovery to generate electricity and make stanford one of the most energy efficient research universities in the world. stanford says its carbon emissions will be cut in half. water use will drop. and it will save 2300 million dollars over the next 35 -- save 300 million dollars over the next 35 years. >>> speaking of green mr. thomas i'm empressed by that tie you showing the a's spirit. >> i thought somebody should represent the other side of the bay now we have both sides. >> tonight if you are lucky enough to be at the coliseum mike how is the weather going to be? >> i got yellow, i can't wear green. i got green on radar and yellow and orange trying to get everybody in play. maybe orange tomorrow. here's live doppler we are looking at showers that are moving away from the coast, everybody is drier now than a couple hours ago. the past hour five lightning strikes, starting to develop moreover the ocean than the peninsula. for the afternoon this band to the south is going to rotate counterclockwise towards the monterey bay and south bay, i think you will see storms also. str
this one you are looking it. a couple different generations of fans. or share them with us at facebook or on twitter. we'll be showing some of those photos on the air throughout the plays. >>> --qu$gr hayward police department is expected to release information about a possible breakthrough in a 24-year-old child abduction case. michaela garecht was kidnapped when she was 9-years-old in 1988. police are testing a bone fragment found in a one of the mass graves used by the speed freak killers. monday police told her mother the fragment could belong to her daughter. amy hollyfield will be we have with more including an interview with michaela's mother. >>> this morning hercules police trying determine if tears a connection between a couple arrested in seattle, washington and retired teacher fond murdered in her home. detectives are interviewing a 25-year-old tonya washington and her husband 24-year-old darnell washington apprehended yesterday morning driving the car belonging to 55-year-old susie ko who was found beaten and stabbed to death last friday. the couple is wanted for a crime s
>>> 5:01. good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm eric thomas. san francisco police investigating a street fight that left one man hospitalized in critical condition. police responded to reports of a hit and run around 2 a.m. and found the man unresponsive on valencia street. the man was not injured in a traffic accident rather a street fight involving several people. one block stretch was shutdown between 16th and 17th for two hours. they reopened 4:00 this morning. >>> giants flying to st. louis to fight for the pennant. series is tied up after huge win last night at at&t park first victory at home in these playoffs. amy hollyfield is live at the park. >> reporter: fans much more confident than they were after that first game giants scored seven runs last night only allowing one run for cardinals the series is all tied up 1-1. they head to st. louis today to win this series they must win four games. so far they've won one. the fans here in san francisco are feeling so good they are already talking about the next level. >> [ screaming ] >> we are go
of that fire remains under investigation i am officials say it does not appear to be us is --. officials say it does not appear to be suspicious. >>> mother accused of abandoning her daughter says it was a misunderstanding. in an interview 38-year-old woman denies ditching her 10-year-old she said she let her daughter at the safeway with her boyfriend while she went to a park with her 5-year-old she said he drove off and left the girl behind. she claims to have broken up with her boyfriend over the incident. >>> northern californians remembering this day in 1989 as the day that shook the bay. today is the 23rd anniversary of the earthquake that hit after 5 p.m., rocking the world series between the giants and the a's itch the span of the bay bridge buckled, the 880 freeway flattened and marina district caught fire it was 6.9 tremor that caused 63 deaths, more than 3700 injuries and left thousands of bay area residents hopeless. to commemorate the event the san francisco department of emergency management is promoting tomorrow's great california shakeout, annual earthquake preparedness day. s
flights. i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. >>> and i'm kristen sze. >>> maybe farther south you are possibly just a little bit of a mist and drizzle, definitely around the bay especially into the north bay you are going to have wet weather ponding on the roads, slick streets everything out there were' talking about a lot of accidents sue is following. -- already a third to half inch of rain fell while we were sleeping during the overnight hours. right now the storms themselves are moving more from a southwest to northeast trajectory in the warm sector of the storm. as the cold front starts to pull in, back edge going to start pushing more precipitation shield through the heart of the bay into the south bay through the morning commute into the early morning hours. expect waves of heavier showers you see in the yellow, followed by mist and drizzle which is the lighter blue into the green over the next couple of hours through the bay into the south bay you will get it by the end of the morning commute. during the afternoon things change on the back side of that cold front, breezy,
at half moon bay the rest of us cloudy. at 10:00 the drizzle is over, mostly cloudy downtown san francisco 59°, a little sun breaks through at 11:00, mostly cloudy and breezy around 10 -- around 1:00, 63, breezy, mostly cloudy, dry at 2:00, 66. >>> last minute preparations for today's parade are underway now. the city ready to give the world series champion giants a giant thank you who can forget this scene giants coming home monday the crowds of fans at at&t park with that world series trophy in hand, sandoval will be one of the speakers today. amy hollyfield is live at the plaza it looks busy even at 5 o'clock in the morning. >> reporter: you would think it was noon. there are people everywhere and they aren't stopping they are like sharks constantly moving trying to get this place pulled together. it looks completely different. do you see the fant walking in? people are already staking out their spot so they can see the world series champions today, as they take the stage. i talked to a couple of fans. i met a man who got here at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. here's video from 2010 to give
to share the fun with us. we want to see how you are spending your videos. e-mail it to ureport at u a little girl is dead and two injured as a minivan plowed into a parking lot yesterday morning. abc7 news reporter thomas tells us more. >> the little girl died. oh, my god. >> dennis reyes just learned a six-year-old girl was hit by a mini van in the parking lot had died. it happened a little before 9:00 a.m. on south gate avenue as children were leaving a religion class. yellow police tape and red circles mark where the bodies of two women and the six-year-old lay after being struck. >> the two mothers were victims. i saw them lying, one in the grass and one in the pavement. and then i saw the seven-year-old kid, she was in shock. >> the last time he saw the child she was breathing. she died here at san francisco general hospital with the other two female victims were brought. one of the women is the mother of the six-year-old. what brought the tragedy closer to the reyes family was their girl knew their girl. >> it was my son's classmate. >> parishioners were shocked an
a little, few clouds. good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. that and up to 20° drop in temperatures in some places. >>> today could be 10 to 20° cooler. good morning. not picking up radar returns yet. there is possibility of spotty drizzle along the coast in higher elevations marine layer not moist enough now to drop anything significant. 3/4 mile visibility half moon bay everybody else okay the clouds are on the increase those visibilities are going to drop. mostly cloudy at the coast low 60s this afternoon. spots of unespecially farther south and north in the bay mid 60s to mid 70s inland mostly sunny, 70 to 80 . >>> san francisco police still looking for a suspect one of two who led identifies on a chase that includes bullets flying and innocent taxi hit. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: ed dee and franklin still closed when you look at the crash cars they are still here hard to believe the injuries weren't more serious police tried to pull 0 the white car 2:00 this morning because the light over their license plate was out. the car
. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start things out with a quick first look at the weather. here's our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning, everyone. bow, is it cold out there. they are talking about temperatures this morning of that dropped into the lower 40s. in the north bay valleys temperatures are mainly in the 40s. we have a few clouds around with holes in the overcast. we will call it partly cloudy allowing for temperatures to drop further. by the middle of the afternoon numbers will be in the 60s. the clouds on the increase. we will be looking at a cool evening tonight. but you have probably heard, eve advertised some rain in the days ahead. clouds will thicken and we will look for that chance of showers. looks like we are going to see a pretty wet monday morning commute. i'll have the timing four coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the giants are back home this morning preparing for another do-or-die situation. tonight they host the st. louis cardinals in game six of the national league championship series. karen is live at&t park where
about that. 5:00 thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. first a look at the weather. here's mike. >>> good morning live doppler 7 hd north bay, bay, quiet compared to showers and storms we had roll through overnight still holding on in southern sections of san jose. around yerba buena road, silver creek valley road towards higher elevations to the east where 101 and 85 come together where we are seeing the best radar return and more healthy rain around morgan hill especially hill road santa theresa boulevard and watsonville road. now this stretch back that's about it, once this pushes through to the south and east, looks like we are going to have a quiet period for a while. forecast today is just mainly cloudy. isolated shower possible, not going to be nearly as wet as it was yesterday mainly in the low to mid 60s, a few 50s at the coast. >>> good morning. standing water big issue for your dive this is the macarthur maze highway 80, 580 and 880 funneling in nicely towards the bay bridge and points south and east no delays there. standing water will aff
>>> good morning everyone. i'm sorry. >> stereo, . >> there you go. 5:01 thanks for joining us. not a spare the air day our headline. >> but going to be hot again. mike i'm sorry i stole your dancing from you, but you go ahead many >> i missed that, will do you it again? >> no. >> welcome to tuesday almost a car been copy of monday. heat going to start subsiding tomorrow. no clouds, no rain, no precipitation, nothing but warmth still this morning especially around fremont and antioch 77 and 70. rest of us in the 50s and 60s. the afternoon hours low to upper 70s at the coast, cooling late in the afternoon hot sunshine around the bay mid 80s to mid 90s inland 93 to 101. >>> developing news this just in from amtrak crews hoped to have the tracks open now following that crash and derailment in the central valley. kira klapper is in oakland. are they going to meet that reopening timeline? >> reporter: they sure are. now amtrak's spokes people are saying the opening will be later this morning. very vague from that 5 a.m. deadline they had originally hoped for. we have video from yest
on the ones you are going to and we will show you how to get there by using public transportation. if you do have to drive, folks, the waze traffic app can guide you around. you can download it at abc7 the war protest going to draw many. it's marking the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. getting underway on powell and market streets starting at noon today. from there they will mark to grand hyatt hotel. one person is dead and another recovering after a shooting in east oakland. police place at least two dozen evidence markers on birch street to mark the shell casings they found there. no arrests have been made. a neighbor took us into his house to show where bullets shot through a chair, barely missing his two-year-old son. >> my kid was sitting right here. he was sitting right here. everyone went to the floor. and after the shooting was, you know, over we saw this bullet here. >> mr. vazquez said it was his wife who first heard the gunshots. told everyone to get down. no one in the home was hurt, just scared. >>> a pedestrian is dead this morning after being hit by
>>> good morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. governor brown taking action to put brakes on gas prices which again saw all-time highs over the weekend. sue thompson is in emeryville. >> reporter: good morning. still the big story here is that gas prices where we are in emeryville just under $5. governor brown now taking action to and bring these prices down. the governor wants refineries to go ahead and start producing what it calls a winter blend mix of gasoline and he want them to do that immediately. the governor says it is cheaper to produce and typically, that winter blend mix is not for sale until the end of the month. given skyrocketing prices he wants to do something immediately. this recent surge is to blame for a number of refinery problems in california, power failure in southern california and chevron fire in august. all contributing to those high prices. latest prices released from aaa this morning are just out, take a look at this, this is what has happened in the last week, if you filled up, you know it. san francisco $4.74 up 47
. >>> good friday morning many thank you for joining us. a lot to talk about. i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. no more a's games on a school night for sue hall fighting to keep her voice. she will tell you more. right now frustrating traffic closures and delays this weekend in san francisco thanks to numerous events from fleet week to america's cup prelims. >> amy hollyfield is live along the embarcadero with a look ahead. one busy spot. >> reporter: it is going to be interesting. this is going to be a tough spot because the crowds will be thick. there's a nice wide sidewalk here but they expect this to be packed with pedestrians. so, where to put the bicyclists? city officials are going to try a novel idea. northbound lane on the embarcadero closed down, just for bicyclists. they think it is good because they want to keep them often sidewalk away from the pedestrians. there are -- there are signs around the embarcadero flashing now warning people of how crowded it is going to be. the plan for the bicyclists has not been widely publicized this is a new idea. they are goin
for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. president obama has declared new york and long island disaster areas because of the damage they've suffered from superstorm sandy live look at new jersey flooding is a big problem. so far 17 deaths are attributed to the storm. more than seven million up and down the east coast without power, 13 foot storm surge caused widespread flooding. tahman bradley in maryland with an update. >> reporter: along the east coast, signs of sandy's fury, lady liberty's torch out power outages spread, five million in the dark 1.5 million evacuated sandy made landfall along the new jersey coast, 80 mile per hour wind as and flooding high tides, rough surf battered the coastline. this morning entire sections of atlantic city are underwater. >> people who decided to ride out the storm were left stranded. new jersey governor announced no rescue services until today. >> i cannot in good conscience send them in the dark given all the various hazards that would occur. >> reporter: new york city hit by 13 foot surge of seawater flooding the new ground zero memori
into the 60s all of us low to mid 60s by 4:00. towards the evening cool, grab a coat in the 50s. three warmest days in the forecast, tomorrow through sunday, mid 60s coast mid to upper 70s bay and inland. >>> not much right now, good news, slick roads you might want to give yourself extra time live look at macarthur maze highway 580 coming in 880 from the south and 80 all moving nicely towards the bay bridge toll, no metering lights yet. san rafael stalled big rig northbound past the civic center to the right shoulder, in the reverse commute direction, chp heading out there. southbound tail lights towards central san rafael everything at the limit to the golden gate bridge they are ready for your commute with four lanes southbound. drive now out of the central valley looking good, nice breezy ride into the dublin pleasanton interchange, speeds at the limit northbound and southbound 280 to the south bay roadwork intermittent closures ramp to 880 until the 31st at 7:00 in the morning. >>> next, uc berkeley researchers test air and dozen -- in dozens of daycare centers anyone who has a child in d
everyone will take that into account. >> caltran is asking everyone to plan routes using alternate bridges in order to travel this weekend. this map shows you the routes you should use when the san mateo bridge is closed. highway 237, the dumbarton bridge and the bay bridge a word to the wise, if you are headed to the giants game at&t park this sunday, make sure you use one of those alternate routes because the san mateo bridge, of course, will be closed. in hayward, abc7 fuse. >>> for more help navigating around the closer, download our exclusive abc7 waze traffic anderson. you can do that a >>> the giants are home after dominating last night, keeping third world series hopes alive. they shutout the cardinals. this throw on what should have been an out bounced off second base, paving the way for the giants to score four runs. the orange and black never looked back. final score, st. louis -- in st. louis, giants 5, cardinals 0. the giants trail the cardinals three games to two in the best-of-seven series. game six is tomorrow night at&t park with ryan vogelsong starting
detroit last night. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck off canada's pacific coast last night doesn't appear to have caused any major damage and tsunami warnings have been downgraded this morning. the powerful undersea earthquake that struck the queens charlie islands area was followed by a magnitude 5.8 after shock. it was felt in alaska's southeast communities, but most of the energy was sent to the southwest toward the hawaiian islands. so far there are no reports of major damage on land. the first waves are just now hitting the hawaiian island, but they are smaller than first predicted. the largest wave was measured on ma maui at 5 feet. last night's warning triggered coastal evacuations in hawaii but as we said it's been lowrd to an advisory. people in honolulu have been told they can return home. people are asked to stay away from the water for the next several hours. >> we're telling people yes, you can return home, and he better doing those things required ever us for due diligence and mack sure there would be nothing t
and screening. >>> this morning mark zuckerberg is announcing a billion people are using facebook actively each month that comes in the way of a thank you note this morning that reads. many thank you for giving me and my little team the money or of serving you. helping a billion connect is amazing, humling and by far the thing he is most proud of in his life. >> that's good news for mark zuckerberg. are we up or down, temperature-wise down. >>> good morning. we are starting out with temperatures on the mild side overall you felt the cool-down yesterday. partly cloudy across the bay moderate onshore push in line for temperatures to drop into the 50s. as you head out not feeling too bad now you want to grab the jacket, temperatures today of course much cooler than we've expected with numbers in a more narrow range, all due to the onshore flow and healthy marine layer in the 50s if you step out, low 60s by noontime around the bay to upper 60s inland partly cloudy skies. by the afternoon 70s and 80s today. really seasonal, low 60s at our coast with sunshine breaks of sun at the shoreline. by 7:00,
's a funnel band moving through the bay area and that should disrupt the low cloudiness and get us back into sunshine and a warmer afternoon. numbers are cool in the north bay, mid-40s to the mid-50s and by the afternoon we are talking about low 60s for the half moon bay pumpkin festival up into the mid-70s into the inland valleys. we will get a few clouds during the evening hours. if you like today this is the beginning of a big pattern change for the bay area. i will have all the details of a much warmer forecast come up. >> thank you. this morning the coast guard is investigating how a chartered body ran into rocks near alcatraz last night with 22 passengers and crew on board holding a bachelor party. everyone was rescued from the boat taking them yack to pier39. a navigational error put the neptune on the inside of a buie when it should have stayed on the outside. it hit rocks known as little alcatraz and began taking on water last night. two one foot by one foot holes were punched into the boat and crews had to tow it back to san francisco. we will have a live report from pier39 co
:03. this thursday is the 49ers' game day here on ab k 7. at 4:00 jerry rice and brent jones join us as park bc 7 news presents the 49 pregame show followed at 5 by 49ers taking on the seahawks after that jerry and brent will stick around for a special edition of after the game. >>> giants fans nursing wounds after with it anything -- after witnessing our team lose another one at home. last night bumgarner had his second rocky outing give you -- giving up six runs in less than four innings. giants lose 6-4. vogelsong will take the mound tonight. first pitch 5:07. >>> this morning contra costa county deputies trying out what lead to a deadly double shooting near antioch near buchanan road and ventura drive. deputies arrived on the scene to find the man already dead and the woman suffering from gunshot wounds paramedics rushed her to the hospital where she died no word on their relationship or possible motive. amy hollyfield is live at the sheriff's department and will give us a update at 5:30. >>> man under arrest following search that forced san francisco police to evacuate an apartment building.
league series. game one of the best of seven series. >> thanks for joining us, i'm caroline tyler. let's check with a first look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. lots of fog out there. mist and drizzle, especially oakland and santa rosa. you are look live downtown. we are talking about mild temperatures to >> we have a moist layer at the surface. it should be tough going. make sure you take your time early on. then we will get into the clearing midday and temperatures will warm up. we are talking partly cloudy at our coast, up into the low 80s inland, and for tonight for the game numbers dropping through the 60s and we are talking about a warm week ahead. i will have the details later. carolyn. >> lisa, you have the right color on there, orange. the giants are hours away from meeting the st. louis cardinals in game one of the national league championship series. of course, it's at&t park. fans all over the bay area are getting pretty excited about this. abc7 news reporter cornell is live at the ballpark with more. good morning. >> good morning, c
shumann are going to bring us live coverage from detroit. >>> san francisco police are investigating a double shooting last night in the bayview district this left a teenage girl with critical injuries and a man with less serious wounds. call for shots came in about 9:00 last night. police found one victim at the corner of jennings street and thomas heavy. the second victim was found a block away. both were taken to the hospital for treatment. so far no arrests made and list have not released information on possible suspects or motives. >> a new york couple with bay area close ties can't fact thumb why a nanny would kill their two daughters and then kill themselves. abc7 news reporter serge quintin talk with heartbroken former neighbors of the family would lived in san francisco's valley for years. >> the disturbing purchased of two children in this manhattan apartment building have sent shock waves across the country. the mother returned home to find two of hurry children stabbed to death in a bathtub. two-year-old leo and six-year-old lou sea, killed by their nanny. 50-year-old ort
the mayor did suspend him and that brings us to today. here's now today's hearing is going to work. the ethics commission will give an overview. the mayor and the sheriff will each have 20 minutes to make a presentation mayor gets a rebuttal. finally public comment which could be unlimited supervisors have the option of cutting it off after 30 minutes. mirkarimi has supporters. yesterday, we saw his detractors and anti-domestic violence group, held a rally calling for the sheriff to be removed from office. to make that happen, nine of the 11 supervisors would have to vote to remove him from office. supervisors have said they've not made a decision, despite this being a high profile case and all of the media and rallies and everything else, they say they are not talking to each other and they have not made up their minds. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> 28 days until election day. president obama is waking up in san francisco this morning after raking in at least four million dollars from supporters in one day here in the bay. last night 25 donors paid $40,000 each for a chance to ho
rig jacknifed both directions of highway 12, chp trying to get that cleared, you want to use american canyon for now "sig alert" this is outside of fairfield. world series game one, 5:07 expect lots of traffic on king street anywhere around at&t park, 280 extension bart will have longer trains and golden gate ferry has their boat that leaves 23:15, you need a reservation for that -- 3:15, you need a reservation for that. >> all that because san francisco's waterfront takes center stage for a global audience tonight when the giants host the tigers for the world series. right now outside at&t park a lot of excitement there, tonight unlike other nights, monday night into particular you can see some rain is coming down now. dozens of workers spent hours making sure the park will be shining. crews tackle the job of drying out after monday. nothing wrong with your tv set, the ferry building, many of san francisco's signature landmarks lit up in orange, every night during the world series. the work of a national league champion never ends, giants took batting practice yesterday to get ready.
neighborhood last night. the bomb squad used robots to search the home on georgia street and detonated bomb-making materials found inside. >> you are probably not going to bring a house down with it, if it was around something that was thrapl able if it had gone off in the proximity of a human being or some living creature has the power to kill someone is police don't have a bomb squad which is why they asked the fbi and napa county sheriff's department for help. they are not releasing the suspect's identity all they are saying is it is a man in his 50s. >>> excited giants fans celebrating unprecedented come back in the national league to keep the team's post-season hopes alive. unfortunately, we can't say the same for the a's. but their fans are hope about a great season. -- their fans are happy about a great season. terry mcsweeney is at the park. orange and black, go. >> reporter: they don't know where to go, back to washington, d.c. to play the nationals, back home to play the cardinals? they don't know that yet that's why they are spending the night in cincinnati. before we get to the
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